Where did today’s standard card design originate?  That’s the question I began to explore in depth many months ago.  One that put me on a journey to research and design a deck of cards inspired by beautiful historic art.

Playing cards have evolved over many hundreds of years, with the echoes of the pattern we know today forming around the 15th century in Rouen, France.  A design emerged that was adopted and copied in England, and then spread across the globe.

I’ve worked with card historians, museums and archives in my search for this original art.  My reference material includes pieces from the Bibliothèque nationale de France, British Museum, Archives Department of Seine-Maritime, and Fitzwilliam Museum of Cambridge.

My main passion in the creation of the Origins decks was their quality and authenticity. The goal was to produce the highest quality decks possible.  These Q1 quality decks include embossing, hot stamped gold foil, Bee cards, and highest quality tuck stock.  Special decks to collect, use, or gift.