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A little backgrounder – The beginnings of the Origins

By September 10, 2013General

A quick background and thank you to some, on how my work on the Origins began in earnest..

Quite some time back I began the design work as a pet project. It was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I wasn’t confident it would ever make it to market.  I wanted to make a deck that was of the highest standard, that was embossed and golden and luxurious.  I wanted it to revive the face cards of history, and create a deck that players, magicians and cardists would all appreciate.  A very tall order.  I knew this would cost money to do, and being based in New Zealand felt the hurdles would be too great.

Out of interest, I went to Kickstarter and searched for ‘playing cards’.   There are a LOT of playing card decks on Kickstarter.   I about gave up on the idea of seeing the Origins funded and created.  But I carried on with the design work and posted the very early ideas to Dribbble, a designers forum for feedback.

Little did I know Kete Moon would post the art to his playing card blog  I didn’t see it.  This was in turn posted by Volantangel to the great card forum UnitedCardists – title ‘Origins Playing Cards – status unknown’, and simultaneously Scott Carey to his excellent blog    Even then, I wasn’t aware that my art had caused ripples until David at Magic Orthodoxy sent me a tweet inviting me to United Cardists.  I was then contacted by Robert Butler at Loop Cuts who has given me great support, and a string of other people who had seen my work.  I had excellent feedback and advice from the people at The Discourse, another great card forum, thank you Don Boyer and team.

Out of the blue the deck had momentum, no promotion, no website.

I owe that to the people above and many more who have offered their support and opinion.  So thank you all.

And thanks to the card community.

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