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My creative space

By August 10, 2013Production


I thought I’d post a little on where and how I work.  This is my creative space, general tools of the trade.  I use a Wacom Intuos tablet for most of my art.  Two screens, one for work, the other for general stuff, emails, facebook 😉

When I work I love to have good music going that fits the piece I’m working on.  Right now I’m listening to soundtracks with an epic feel.  Hans Zimmer features heavily, I love his work.  Believe it or not, my favourite albums running on Spotify without bias are Batman Begins, Gladiator and Inception.  All by Hans, legendary.

Having work on my wall keeps me focused, and when I take a break allows me to run a critical eye over things.  If I’m not annoyed by a detail, it’s a pass.

Right now I’m working on the Jack of Hearts, close to my last face card!  Very excited.  I have a range of historic cards on screen while I work and my goal is to produce a modern card with the same essential elements.  A lot of research, back and forth.  Some cards I’ve completely redone as I refine the concept and style.

Once I’ve finished the face card set, I’ll be going through again and adding detail and making sure they all fit into the same family.  It’s a huge amount of work as I make sure all line widths are the same and styles match.  But very rewarding.  I can’t wait to see the deck come to life.

More soon.



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