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Progress update

By June 19, 2013General

Just a short update.  Progress is going well on the designs, if not slowed up a little by the more serious matter of seeing them produced.  Being outside the US makes things more difficult as it’s not economically viable to have a few thousand decks shipped to my comfy abode for distribution – back to the States.  It also makes the option of Kickstarter more difficult, not being a US citizen.

So a few hoops to jump through there, but I’m determined to produce a premium quality deck I can for card collectors and players at a realistic price.  The people at USPCC have been fantastic so far, willing to help and open to ideas.  There are a few plans in the printing I’m very excited about.

The interest in the Facebook page has been great and I’m currently working on a promotional video which I’ll link to from there.

In the research I’ve found useful information.  There’s a great site by Paul Bostock called Plain Backs, which has good examples of the English pattern.  The International Playing Card Society has a good section on the history of cards.  And the World of Playing Cards also has an excellent resource.

As an extra, here is the latest concept – the Queen of Clubs


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